Greater Philadelphia Suburbs where Families are Flocking for New Homes

The suburbs around Philadelphia are growing – and they’re growing quickly. Things like excellent school systems, amazing public transportation, plenty of job opportunity, and low costs of living are drawing families from across the country. Here are some of the most attractive suburbs and the reasons why families are moving by the dozens.


Oreland is home to just over 5500 people, which means it offers small-town living with all the amenities of the big city just a short drive away. It’s one of the safest places to live in terms of crime rates and an overall feeling of peacefulness, and it offers a very low student-teacher ratio of just 13:1, which means kids have a better chance to succeed. The median income is just under $90,000, which means that good jobs are abundant for those who have the education and experience.

Fort Washington

Fort Washington is about the same size as Oreland, but the median income here is just under $114,000, which means it’s home to some of the more influential people in the area. There’s little crime here, and home values are quite high when compared to other Philadelphia suburbs, too. The downside is the cost of living, which is also quite high. Then again, the residents here say the amazing schools and low crime rates are worth any extra monthly expenses they might incur.


Wyndmoor is another small suburb that is relatively safe when compared to some of the others nearby, and the cost of living is far less than Fort Washington and other similar areas. The best reason to move to Wyndmoor isn’t the crime rate or the affordable amenities, though – it’s the positivity and sense of community. The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential are just a short distance away from any home in the area.


Phoenixville’s population is about three times that of the other suburbs on this list, and the average median income is smaller at just $61,203. The crime rates are a bit higher, but unemployment is incredibly low with only 3.8% of the people out of a job at any given point in time. The schools are the third best in the area, which is the primary reason that families choose this suburb over others, and the incredibly low cost of living makes this one of the most affordable areas in the region, too.


If you’re looking for something “average”, it’s hard to go wrong with the suburb of Audubon. With a population just shy of 9000 people, incredibly low crime, and an average income of just over $85,000, there’s no reason not to call Audubon home. Unemployment here is also very low, schools are above average, and the cost of living is quite low when compared to similar suburbs across the nation.

Families come to Philadelphia to enjoy a better life, and any one of these suburbs can certainly provide it. There are plenty of choices, whether you prefer a smaller community with absolutely no crime or a larger city feel with a lower cost of living.