5 Reasons Why the Greater Philadelphia Area Is a Great Place to Buy a Home

If you’re trying to decide whether the greater Philadelphia area is the right place for your family, you certainly have a tough decision ahead of you. Here, you’ll find five reasons why this location is so very popular among homebuyers and why you should consider it, too.

#1 – It’s Affordable

While it’s true that Philadelphia hasn’t recovered quite as quickly when it comes to the housing market, the city is well on its way. The fact that home values are relatively low in the area when compared to other locations across the country is actually good news for buyers. It means that homes here are more affordable than other urban locations, which is perfect for anyone who wants big city living without big city prices. Average home values top out at just under $190,000 in this area.

#2 – It’s Growing

Philadelphia is growing in many ways. Suburban areas are seeing explosive growth, county officials are working to revitalize areas that have been neglected, and all of this means that the economy in greater Philadelphia is on the upward swing once again. As more people flock to the area, more businesses open their doors, which creates more opportunity for newcomers. This growth is also expected to start driving up home values in the next year, which makes buying a home in Philadelphia a great investment.

#3 – The Amenities

One of the reasons why people appreciate big city living is the cultural diversity it offers. Philadelphia is home to many different museums representing a variety of populations, which gives you an opportunity to see things you may not get to see anywhere else. When you combine this with cultural diversity in shopping centers and restaurants, you can truly find anything your heart desires in the metro area.

#4 – Public Transportation

Despite its long history as the birthplace of the nation, Philadelphia’s city planning is spectacular. In fact, it’s one of the best cities in the entire country for things like walking and public transportation, so whether you’re environmentally conscious or you just enjoy having things within walking distance, this is the place to be. You’ll find buses, subways, trolleys, and more in most areas.  

#5 – Incredible Parks  

Last, but most certainly not least, greater Philadelphia is home to some of the best parks in the state – and in the country, for that matter. It’s incredibly family-friendly, it’s home to the country’s first zoo (which is still in operation), and it offers up 63 parks spread over some 9200 acres. No matter what your family enjoys as far as outdoor recreation, you’ll find it here year-round. Woodland campgrounds, biking trails, waterfront activities and watersports, and more are all just a short trip from anywhere in the greater Philadelphia area.

Whether you’re new to the city or new to the state, there are several perks associated with buying a home in the greater Philadelphia area. Aside from those listed above, you’ll find great school systems, a booming job market, and plenty of history to enjoy each and every day.