3 Reasons Why Now Is a Great Time to Be a First Time Home Buyer

We’re currently seeing an increase in the amount of first time home buyers. A recent study showed that 32% of home buyers are first-timers. However, many real estate agents are reporting much higher numbers. One says that 85% of her clients are first-timers. This is a staggering number.

According to many real estate experts, now is a great time to be a first time buyer. Buyers have the resources needed to make the buying process run smoothly and the market has shifted to one that favors the buyer.

Buyer Resources

Buyer resources are greater than ever. This puts first time home buyers at a strong advantage. Buyers have reported feeling more educated and informed than they were when they previously looked into buying a home. Online resources like Zillow, Trulia, and give buyers an idea of what to expect during the home buying process. They provide buyers with the information they need in regards to what’s available and for what price. Contacting a realtor is now the second step in the home buying process. In addition, realtors are no longer the ones that solely provide buyers with information.

Prices Favor the Buyer

Prices have started to favor—for the first time in ages—the buyer. Dips—ranging from 2%-13%--have been reported nationwide. This puts buyers in a tremendous position to save money and get a great house. If you’re on the fence in regards to renting or buying, realize that now might be the ideal time to buy. You might not get another chance this good. For more information, it’s best to contact a professional real estate agency like RealtyTopia. We can help you with any and all questions you might have about the market and home buying process. We want you to purchase your first home at the best price possible. Our team of trained, and skilled professionals will always be there to help and guide you.

Smooth Buying Process

The buying process is historically stressful. And time consuming. And frustrating. And complicated. And—you get the picture. Luckily, this is no longer the case. Because of the above mentioned buyer resources and buyer favored prices, the buying process now runs smoothly. First time buyers report very little stress, complications, or worry—which allows them to enjoy the excitement that comes with buying a new home. In addition, things like home inspections protect buyers from any and all unwanted costs that might pop up because of a neglected home or appliances. All in all, buyers are currently educated, favored, and protected.

As is alluded to throughout this article, now is great time to be a first time buyer. All the resources are available, the market favors you, and a smooth buying process is easily obtainable. Contact RealtyTopia today and we’ll gladly be of service. We’re a unique home buying and selling team that will do whatever it takes to help you. You’re decision to let us help you purchase your first home will be one you’re glad you made.